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Why Smart People Hire a Speaking Coach!

January 20, 2018

I have made it my mission this year to coach a small tribe of success-hungry individuals in the art of public speaking so that they can make a serious impact in their lives, businesses and careers. After speaking live to over 100,000 high school and college students nationwide, performing dozens of live events and a TEDx Talk, I have decided that 2018 would be my dedicated year to training up a special group of people to find their voice and their fortune in my one-on-one coaching program: Public Speaking Mastery.

Public speaking is indeed the number-one fear on the planet but I believe that it is also the greatest life skill, human super power and that it belongs to all of us.

When you master it you can inspire. Motivate. Increase your following. Heal. Uplift. Create movements. Start wars. Bring peace. It can cause you to land a coveted job, win a contract, and even help you sell products and look good in front of your employers. I believe that if you desire true success in 2018 or feel like your life and career have been in neutral, or just feel like there is more but you’re not sure what, where or when, then I believe that this one life skill is the main skill that you need to be focused on for 2018!

My private coaching clients understand this very well and I couldn’t be more proud of them for getting off of the bench and in the game with me this year! For challenging the stage fright and anxiety that has been holding them back from breaking into their success zone. Everything they’ve wanted to achieve has been right on the other side of speaking at an event, delivering a public presentation, participating in a high stakes face-to-ace interview or even a business competition. They have each decided to step up, show up, face the fear of public speaking and have committed to mastering the craft. What lies on the other side? Recognition. Respect. Advancement. Promotion. Freedom. Prosperity. And each of them have been winning big already in 2018! But you do not want to do it alone! Behind the smartest and most successful players is a dynamic coach. 

And here’s what happens when you hire a speaking coach:


Deep down, one of the biggest concerns most of my clients face, when they first reach out to me for help, is that they are lagging behind in life. Sometimes my younger Millennial clients [at novice level in their careers] feel as if they should be much further along in their lives than where they currently are. One of my first lessons for them is to never compare your progress to someone else’s. You never know what level of work another individual has been putting in behind the scenes to be where they are currently.

Some wise counsel I received from my first coach in the public speaking arena, is if there is someone that you admire, are intimidated by or feel as if you could never level up to, do yourself a favor and examine their beginnings. Take a sharp look at where they were when they first started, not at where they are as a result of having made it to the mountaintop. Do this so that you don’t slip into analysis paralysis, stagnancy, stall your own progress or get into competitive jealousy. If you were to go back and look at my show footage from my very first stage talk [a college assembly of over 750+ freshman, you may feel much better about your own start]. I was super nervous. Unprepared. I stumbled over my words. I was unsure of myself and lacked in my confidence.

I can remember when I hired a coach for the first time, my impact going from zero to relevant! My coach began training me on the personal fast actions that I needed to take to become more confident, courageous and powerful. As a result I became self-assured and more self-aware. My stature became more mature and engaging. This kind of confidence is attractive. Opportunities began appearing for me to speak all around my home state. Word began spreading fast that I was the must-have-guy to impact student audiences. I began to feel my career taking off almost overnight! Almost as if I had caught up to and exceeded the expectation of what and where I thought I was supposed to be early on in my career.

Any time in life that I’ve desired a new level, income or a new pathway to open up that would lead me to a newly desired lot in life, life always met my hearts’ request in the form of a new circle of influence to level up to, a challenge to overcome, a tough mentor [or coach] that required my best work, or a personal issue for me to face as a requisite for unlocking my next level.

A coach can reach inside of you, see your potential and coach you to the greatness that your path is to unfold. This is not the sort of thing you want to figure out by yourself. IF it is left up to us, we would mostly quit when the path gets tough. This is the precise reason you want a coach! IF we try and figure everything out on our own, we’ll quit too soon and too often. We will never arrive at our hearts’ truest destinations. You are not supposed to do this alone.

Sometimes we just don’t know what fast actions to take and we need a coach who has traveled the mile, can diagnose us from the inside out and offer tailored solutions.


I have a unique ability to help people in this area because I understand the path and pain points. I understand the challenges and even mental hurdles that have to be overcome in order to touch hearts and lives as a speaker. Anxiety is typically the number-one thing I have to coach my newest clients through. When they first come on board with me most of them have an upcoming job interview, a high stakes speaking event or desire to make a greater impact in their respective workplaces, but admit to being exhausted by the fear and anxiety [of public speaking] controlling their lives. And they know that if they can just get victory in this one area then every success they desire will be closer in reach.

As I share with them all the time, the confidence comes when you decide to show up for the challenge. When a speaking opportunity comes your way (if you are requested as a guest speaker for a class or to present something to your colleagues at the staff meeting, and etc.), say yes to the opportunity and then watch everything else begin align with your confidence posture. When we are beginner level speakers we sometimes look for a quick solution that will magically make us confident. It obviously doesn’t work that way. Confidence comes as a result of very strategic preparation and you have to take the first steps. That is the only way this works. You eradicate fear and anxiety by going through with something that requires more confidence than you think you have. And all of my clients that stay the course end up experiencing enormous breakthroughs.


[James, college sophomore, coached with me through my junior speaking program: How To Ace The Interview Conversation, the day before his job interview. He ended up nailing the interview and landed his dream job at a national corporation while still in college!]

You get a speaking coach when you know there’s more that you’re destined for. When you are hungry for greatness and have decided that age does not matter. You qualify for success when you’re willing to fight for it! When you know you want to be able to have a greater impact on the world and are willing to acquire the hottest skill to getting there. Once you make it into my program I am your coach. You become part of a small family of diligent impact makers who understand how to fire up the brains of a listening audience, stand out from the pack and be the one that is remembered. I coach you to the top of your leadership game as an impact speaker and prepare you to make your dent in the universe.


Your Net-worth Will Increase! Every time I’ve desired to make advancements in my career, leveling up to a speaking related challenge was always required: a stage talk, an on-camera interview, a speech competition, business competition or sitting on a live panel as a proxy for my boss. All opportunities that involved speaking in some public capacity and getting out of my comfort zone. And on the other side of these challenges a new opportunity was always awaiting. A job offer, a paid speaking invitation, a new client of some sort, a recruiter that had their eye on me, and more. This is what I call personal advertising that you don’t have to pay for!

These are the opportunities that most people avoid due to fear. But each of my clients are trained to say yes to the right challenges in the moment and then allow me to coach them to success before they hit the stage. I coach them through the high stakes appearances where everything they say is being carefully measured by the next-level. Which will determine their entry and access. The level they want to be on. And they know that every word needs to be right and delivered flawlessly. This is why smart people hire a speaking coach, not just for an upcoming appearance, but to prepare themselves for the time when they have to stand in front of a room and pitch. In most cases there is little to no time to prepare and you want others to recognize your value and be paid your worth. All of my clients are trained to use my special strategies for these impromptu moments even, to be able to stand out from the crowd when they hit the stage, be it large or small.

[Maria coached with me for a full day prior to her interview. We uncovered her personal and professional unique selling points and practiced how she would pitch herself in a way that potential employers would remember.]


Wise entrepreneurs will tell you to have patience and focus on the long-game. While that is an essential component for longterm success, there are some points in your life and career where the right shifts will cause you to fast track to some major results. This is one of them. Not everything requires a 10-year plan! There are some dream goals that you can clear off of your bucket list in 30, 60 and even 90-days! I train all my clients for this.

[My client, Dr. Jason Littleton – America’s Energy Doctor, has been working with me for a while and has mastered the art of the stage presentation. So much so that he has been invited several times to speak on multiple media platforms and has accelerated his career success. Your ability to connect with audiences can open up one door that causes a flood of opportunities to enter your life.]

Mastering the art of public speaking will cause you to fast track your growth, attract overnight-like success and play at the highest levels. I used to believe in the long-game only. That there really was no such thing as overnight success. But there is. Accepting and nailing a public speaking event can change your success ratio overnight! The most attractive career candidates are always those that have the chops to inspire teams, represent the brand from the stage and motivate potential buyers to invest!

The entire marketplace makes room for people who exude this kind of confidence and know who they are. Companies, recruiters and secret gatekeepers to hidden opportunities are always on the lookout for those who are up and coming. Why not let that be you? Why wait around for someone to validate you, notice you, or give you a voice or recognition? Nothing is going to drop out of the sky for you. If you are ready for more and greater, that is your cue to start taking massive action and making your way prosperous. When you master this skill opportunities will be drawn to you.


The primary human motivations are to know that we are seen, heard and to know that we matter. Especially in the workplace. Most times mastering the art of public and inspirational speaking is the missing element that can link you from where you are now to where you truly want to be. But there’s a catch: You cannot do it alone!

Most people don’t even know the right actions to take. That’s what a coach is for. You’re not supposed to be able to figure out everything by yourself. You can’t! Going it alone leaves you stuck in fear, confusion or stagnancy. When we are overwhelmed with fear and confusion in the face of a challenge, we will usually resolve to doing nothing at all and cowering back. A coach shows you how to get to where you want to be because they’ve already traveled the road you’re on. You need someone outside of you who sees your potential and can coach you to your greatness.

When you are tired of playing small, getting paid small or being small, you will get help. When you desire life and career upgrades, are ready to play big and be recognized for your true value, you will get a coach. If you are ready to be paid your worth, make your mark and rapidly accelerate your success ratio then I invite you to come and learn the number-one skill for 2018, public speaking. Join us at: