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Unfollow The Crowd: The New Education for Young Millennials Who Crave Purpose, Freedom & Impact.


Unfollow The Crowd™
Keynote (45-60 minutes)

More than a message. It’s a movement.

Jarrod’s message lasts. His stories are powerful and heartfelt. When Jarrod speaks, they engage. His audience gets it. More importantly, they use it.

Far from your average speaker, Jarrod’s trademarked program Unfollow The Crowd™ is about one thing; Decision. It’s about giving young adults the wisdom and the power to decide their future. Where they will go, what they will do and who they will become.

What begins as a rollercoaster ride of energetic audience warm-ups, laughter and fun, soon turns into a quiet, sobering moment, where young adults are empowered to answer the hard-questions: “Who am I? Who should I be? And what should I be doing with my life?”

The true story of a homeless college grad who found his way from poverty to living his dream life; Traveling the world, appearing on TED Talks and talk shows, Jarrod teaches young people to “Unfollow The Crowd”. To know themselves, make the tough choices and to break free from being average. It’s the audacity to take a chance on themselves that they may actually be smart enough, good enough, and talented enough to pursue success, rather than following the expected standard or status quo. No matter how many times they’ve messed up, failed or given up, Jarrod’s journey of overcoming these very adversities is proof that anyone can change their entire life around with just one decision!

Unfollow The Crowd™ is the wake up call that youth love! It’s leadership, prevention and motivation at its finest. It’s the choice to do what most others won’t so that they can live a life of true fulfillment and success, like most people never will.

  • Audience members will identify themselves in Jarrod’s stories and will be inspired to think differently and do differently.
  • Students leave with a renewed sense of direction, excited about their possibilities and prepared to take their next steps.
  • Communicating with heart, passion and humor, Jarrod’s mission is to help young adults form a powerful identity in a world that draws them to be average

Topics Covered:

  • How to discover your true strengths
  • How to create a vision that pulls you forward
  • How to profit from your potential
  • How to conquer fear and overcome adversity
  • How to live a successful life of intention while young
  • How to positively influence your peers
  • Making the wisest life choices
Classroom Workshop (45-60 minutes)

No one ever says: ‘When I grow up I want to be unhappy or average’. Chances are, your students had big dreams as kids, that ‘one day’ they’d be an astronaut, ballerina or someone who would do something to ‘change the world’. But somewhere along the way a series of reality checks came into play that stifled those ambitions. Experiences that slowly discouraged them from dreaming big or believing in their ultimate potential.

Without the right guidance and accountability, what typically results is a series of dead end jobs, failures, unfulfilled desires and a longing for escape. An existence of ‘average’, rather than happiness and fulfillment.

In this workshop, Jarrod tackles these “mile deep” issues: (Who am I? What do I do with my life? Where do I belong?). Students will utilize Jarrod’s technology platform and to create a personalized Ubeu™ Snapshot that teaches them more about their individual behavioral traits which in turn helps them better assess the post high school options available. Having experienced homelessness after a successful college career to self discovery and ultimately landing his dream job, Jarrod’s Ubeu™ workshop is designed to reverse-engineer the success process and offer a step-by-step guide through one of life’s most difficult and important transitions; Graduating school and heading into the ‘real world’ for the first time.

Here’s how you and your students will benefit:

  • Both student and teacher will receive a copy of their personalized Ubeu™ snapshot
  • Students will receive post classroom resources unique to their Ubeu™ snapshot
  • Students will receive True Match suggestions according to their Ubeu™ snapshot
  • Simplified actionable next steps for each student
  • Curriculum reinforcement: Career & College readiness, resumes & job interviewing, help with letter of recommendation writing, college & scholarship applications, and more!
  • Time back to grade papers, catch up, etc.

As a role model and mentor to thousands of young people, Jarrod has seen the impact that this kind of self-discovery can have on a young person’s life. Offering up insightful challenges designed to reveal their true motivations, passions, and talents this interactive workshop will help them discover their strengths and provide them the resources they need to succeed.

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